Never Alone

Never Alone

Feature Film

Log Line: Something's Always Watching

Top Hollywood actress, Bridget McNeil, rents a remote cabin, for a wrap party, after producing her first film. When none of the actors or crew from her production show for the party, she is faced with the reality; that although she is known and loved by many fans, she is truly alone and has no real friends. Alone and miles from anyone, she decides to stay a few extra days, to get away from all the craziness.

Methodically, Bridgetis cut off from all contact to the rest of the world.The sounds of nature and a series of mysterious events put her on edge. Are these merely her mind playing tricks on her, or is something really there? As a Hollywood star, Bridget is so used to being stalked by fans and paparazzi; she is unaware of the danger surrounding her.

The house that Never Alone was filmed in was originally rented for another film project that was abandoned. Since they had already rented the house and needed a sample film project, they wrote an outline script, just days, before the start of filming. The song that Jude sings was written while driving up to the house.

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