John LunsfordMiles To Go John Lunsford was born in Fort Worth, Texas, at the outset of the baby boom generation. The culture of the time was wide-eyed with wonder and optimism. Imbued with that sense of wonder, he set himself a grand adventure: to learn how to read. Once he mastered that, he read everything he could get his hands on—which led him to his interests in and questions on just about everything. He wanted to know the how and why of all of existence. His fascination with 20th-century history in grade school led directly to the questions that have become compass points in his life: What if? And then what?

He has watched and been a part of the exponential acceleration in the development of computing technology. His lifelong experience with it has cultivated in him a feel, a vision for the growth that led to his Escape the Machine trilogy. It presents us with a “what if ” that is fraught with both possibility and peril. It is quite possible that the human race will see more change in the next twenty years than it has seen in the last thousand.

It’s going to be fascinating to see what happens next.

Miles to Go asks us all to question what is at stake at the core of being human. In the first book of this science fiction trilogy, John Lunsford explores the very essence of the human spirit and the desire of a 34,000-year-old android to escape the machine that has become his prison. Meanwhile, an international consortium races at all costs to kill nanotechnology, the key to that escape. They have targeted scientist Grant Thornton, who wants to rebuild the world, and Ordwyn Summers, a cop who wants to protect him. Are we prepared for the unknown that awaits us if we become what we build? Does that future, with its certainty of artificial intelligence, hold our transformation or our extinction?

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