I Am


Short Film

Log Line: Being a servant for love will set you free.

Nominated Best Comedy Film, Nominated Best Screenplay, Nominated Best Comedy Screenplay, Nominated Best Director, Nominated Best Actress, Nominated Best Set Design, Nominated Best Behind the Scenes Documentary - 168 Film Festival, Los Angeles, CA 2016.

Jacob and Rachel are an Old Testament representation of Christ's relationship to the church. Jacob's love for Rachel was so great that he thought it was no sacrifice to serve for seven years to get his bride. Our Lord sacrificed everything to get us as his bride. We, as his bride, are to follow that example to serve others so that they would see Christ in us. Based on Genesis 29:18.

I AM was a Speed Film Competition short for the 168 Film Festival. 2016. During the making of it, the actress did comedy, drama, sang, danced and did her own stunts. She learned the lyrics for the song while driving to the location. The makeup around her eyes forms a rainbow.

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