The Burden

Drama / Superhero / Action

Short Film / Pilot

Log Line: How much can one person bear?

Santana is the greatest biological weapon developed by the US Government. A man that not only can give disease to any person he comes in contact with, but he can take and cure those same diseases.

By touching a person, he can cure them of any sickness. By doing so, he himself, has to take on all the properties of that sickness, like their pain and so on. When he takes on the sickness he heals in a fraction of the time, but experiences all of the pain associated with that process in a condensed amount of time. Once he heals a disease, he can then give that disease to another person by touch.

As a young boy, the government discovers his unique abilities. They create an accident and steal him from his family. Over the next several years of his life, he is trained as an operative for a secret government agency. After being sent out on a few missions, Santana's conscience takes over. He realizes the government's involvement in exploiting his abilities in unsavory ventures. Santana uses the skills he has acquired to elude his captors.

Santana chooses to use his abilities to right the wrongs of everyday people. He is often found roaming the halls of hospitals, healing the injuries and diseases of those left without hope. He is also found in back alleys giving disease to common criminals, with a catch phrase of "You like to prey on the weak and helpless, it's time for you to know their fear."

General Ramos, heads an elite force, that is in a race to find Santana before the government releases its latest biological weapon for testing. The agents found in Santana's blood hold the cure to this newly developed disease. Someone else has other plans for the weapon.

The Burden was written as a Pilot episode for a superhero/villain series.
The Burden

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