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        Hope — The story begins in a post-war era after a legendary mystic defeated an ancient kingdom. This primeval creature was known as the Shadow Knight. His conquest caused the loss of the greatest mystics, artisans and leaders. The Shadow Knight was one of the last of his kind and his struggle to keep his race alive led him to abandon all restraint. His narrow victory came at the price of losing most of his army.

The destruction caused a mass exodus leaving only smugglers, thieves, would-be craftsmen and self-proclaimed mystics left to rebuild. Two kingdoms became the world’s centers of trade and commerce. They grew under the watchful eye of the Shadow Knight; unaware of the power growing in the North. The Shadow Knight' minions prompted the two new kingdoms to squabble, giving his battered army time to rebuild and re-arm while he reveled in anticipation of what was to come.

In each kingdom, a prince was born to oppose the Shadow Knight and fulfillment of the prophecies. Each will question his values and his duty in the face of what honor appears to demand. Each will lose someone he depends on for his deepest guidance. In the end, one will rise to leadership and become a beacon to all who encounter him. He must chose who will live and who will die as he prays for the wisdom to make the hardest decisions of his life.
Quest — The second book of the Emanation saga expands into new lands and reveals incredible creatures and places. After suffering the tragic loss of a leader who cannot be replaced, the survivors of the battle at Wellspring must find the courage and strength to continue on their paths. This becomes all the more difficult when they discover that the darkness they thought had been defeated has survived. Who will unite the kingdoms? There are only a select few who can swing the balance. There is one who:
  • is living in isolation and shunned by all
  • was left behind and started a new life
  • was given a great responsibility at a tender age
  • holds powers beyond their own understanding
  • must deny their own blood
  • must make the ultimate sacrifice
  • has mastered the ways of the mystic to levels thought to be unattainable
Each stands at the crossroads of light and darkness. Their choices, their mastery of emotions, and their commitment to honor the principles of love and courage will determine whether an entire world will rise or fall.

Rage — Kingdoms are won or lost through their ties to each other. Diplomacy and war are the two faces of these relationships and a wise ruler uses the one to avoid the other. But relationships, especially between kings and courts, are fragile things and just how much strain can one take before it breaks and leads to bloodshed?

Allies, friends and comrads will all see their ties strained as old secrets come to light and each must question exactly how well they know the other. A friend and mentor has killed another and must own this act in the eyes of their mutually adopted youngling who is no helpless waif. A mystic must face the awful truth that he has betrayed his people even as he sought to secure their future.

Truth, especially when it is painful and dangerous, is always there... always waiting. And, when it comes out, everything changes.

Ashes — The forth volume in the Emanation series is in work and coming out soon! It explores the on-going contest between good and evil.

Miles to Go — Are we really ready to live in a world along side Artificial Intelligence?
Miles thought so... But he was wrong.

The blessing he sought to bring to mankind destroyed his entire civilization killing everyone he had ever cared about.

Now, Miles walks among us. Are we prepared for what AI-driven nanotechnology will mean for our very existence?

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