Jonathan Moch has always had a passion for telling stories. In junior high he was so inspired by Star Wars, that he began to write about a fantastical world of his own, and the adventures of his characters. Upon the birth of his children, he was again inspired to revisit those stories. With the coaching and support of his friend, John Lunsford, Jonathan wrote his first novel, Emanation.

Shortly after the release of Emanation, a review in OC Live Magazine, stating "Jonathan Moch hits it out of the park with this sci-fi thriller that can be compared to the likes of Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings." landed him in the office of Jack Gilardi at ICM. As Jonathan explained the world and the multitude of stories that had not been put to paper as of yet, the wheels at ICM began to spin. They felt they might have the next Harry Potter series sitting in their office. Then, Jonathan explained that he wanted to direct it. The challenge was laid; he had to show he is capable.

 Jonathan set to work on writing and directing a promotional trailer for Emanation. Other scripts began to emerge from the complex brain of Jonathan Moch. All filled with inspiration and good messages.

Kate Barnett, a Minnesota native, has an intense love for acting. She started her training at The Children's Theater Company in Minneapolis. She received her degree in Theater from the University of Minnesota. Using her background in acting and business, she found herself a good fit in the role of producer.
  In 2011, Jonathan Moch and Kate Barnett decided to join forces and prove that Jonathan is not only a talented writer, but an inspiring director as well. After Lionsgate and Deco entertainment reviewed a co-written MMA script, it looked like Jonathan might have his chance and directing a bigger budgeted project. They wanted to see what he could do first. With a small window of time, pocket change and iron wills, they pushed forward to create Never Alone. Despite the fact that Lionsgate and Deco Entertainment decided to abandon the MMA series of films they were looking at doing; Kate and Jonathan finished Never Alone.

Jonathan found himself immersed in the film industry, always pushing the boundaries of creativity and storytelling in innovative ways. This expanded into doing commercial work as well. Jonathan truly loves to work on any project that challenges his abilities. He also likes to help out churches and charity organizations, having a passion for U.S. Veterans that are homeless or have been forgotten by the system. He feels that his freedom was bought at a very high price and those brave men and women who served should be held with the highest of regard.

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